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January 19, 2018
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December 27, 2018
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Space to Earth View


Pictures of the Earth aren’t just beautiful and inspirational they can change the way we understand the Earth. The pictures are taken from satellites circulating the Earth at different heights. Lauren Steadman, a paralympic silver medalist in the triathlon and Dr Anna Hogg, a glaciologist are both fitness and science enthusiasts. They are challenging you to run, swim, cycle to 717km – the height of the Cryosat that is flying around the Earth and sending beautiful images of our planet back down to Earth.

This challenge can be organised and hosted internally by school staff. Alternatively, schools can request the assistance of the Triathlon Trust events team, to provide competent staff support, top quality bikes and other necessary equipment. For more information, please use the Event Enquiries Form.

“Mission Complete!” – Every participant will receive a certificate, with the additional option to upgrade to a Space to Earth View Challenge medal.

Space to Earth View Medal

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Swim/Cycle/Run 717km

Method Suggestion

Swim, cycle or run at a local school or leisure centre under lifeguard/teacher/parent supervision

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