How exercise helps improve mental health

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August 19, 2019
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How exercise helps improve mental health

How Exercise Helps with Mental Health

Mental health covers a range of topics and challenges. One of the most important challenges we face when it comes to mental health is the relationship we have with ourselves and our bodies. The way we feel about ourselves can  have an enormous impact on our mental wellbeing, mood, self-esteem, relationships, work and everything else inbetween.

So how can we give ourselves more self-care in order to improve our mental health?

One way is to be more physically active and get moving!!!

According to NHS, depending on what you do with your body, it can have a huge affect on your mental wellbeing. However, that doesn’t mean you need to run for miles and spend hours in the gym. Finding a way to be active that you enjoy will make exercise so much easier and will ensure you are consistently moving. It’s important to find physical activities you look forward to and want to find more ways to fit them into your daily life.

So how can exercise help with mental health?

Various studies have shown that being physically active can help maintain and improve mild depression and protect people against anxiety. It is also thought to change the chemicals within the brain that can help to positively change our mood. 

In such a busy world where we are accessible through technology pretty much 24/7, taking time out to be active can allow us to disconnect from the noise, forget about our responsibilities, concentrate on ourselves and be uninterrupted with our thoughts. This can have a massively positive impact on our mentality because it allows to have space, process of thoughts at our own pace and give us clarity.

Lastly, having the discipline to exercise regularly can also create a feeling of higher self-esteem and self-control. We feel better afterwards for fulfilling our needs and prioritising our physical and mental health over other tasks that before, we would have put before ourselves. 

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