Virtual Athlete was conceived by two best friends who have been challenging each other since they met at an international school when they were teenagers. Their first joint fundraising challenge involved a 26km kayak race across the Bristol Channel. Following their school days, Rich went on to represent Great Britain in the sport of triathlon and Magnus became a mad ultrarunner.

Rich & Magnus wanted to challenge each other at various things, but couldn’t due to little spare time, or the geographical distance between them. So, they devised virtual challenges to represent real-life ones that they might have otherwise completed together. They soon realised that plenty of other people were in a similar situation. Or maybe some people don’t like to run with thousands of other people. Maybe they don’t want to run at all, they prefer to cycle or swim. Maybe they lack the motivation or confidence required to start out on their athletic journey. Rich decided to invite the whole world to join in by founding Virtual Athlete.

Virtual Athlete is designed to be as inclusive as possible, with no barriers or limits for people who wish to take part. We try our best to cater for everyone and welcome feedback from anyone who struggles to find something suitable. Virtual Athlete also provides a convenient way for people to raise money through their sporting endeavours. We achieve this by donating a portion of every challenge entry directly to charity. We also encourage virtual athletes who wish to raise even more money to set up their own fundraising campaign and/or make an extra donation through our charity partner, Work for Good.


• Promote health, fitness and wellbeing in the global community

• Provide socially inclusive ways for individuals, friends and colleagues to challenge themselves

• Provide inspiration for those lacking the motivation to become active in sport

• Boost confidence for those who are preparing to attempt real-life challenges

• Raise awareness and support charitable organisations through sport